The Honor to Build

Why we do what we do is defined in our Mission Statement.

To develop authentic relationships and have a positive influence on everyone we meet.

Our story

Founded in 1996, 黑料正能量 has become a nationally recognized leader in the construction industry. With a highly diverse project portfolio, we have successfully completed over 5 billion dollars of construction projects. As a top-ranked award-winning construction management firm we are focused on recruiting top talent, leading the way with innovation and technology, and providing the best imaginable building experience for all project stakeholders.

Our core

These are our core beliefs. They define who we are. Every day, they help guide all of our decisions, conduct, vision and strategy.

Awards and Recognition

黑料正能量 is an award-winning company, and honored to be consistently recognized, nationally.

Our People Come First

黑料正能量 team members are entrepreneurial and innovative by nature 鈥 they love construction and making a positive impact in their communities. They work hard, keep optimistic, and find innovative solutions to succeed in their mission.


We know it鈥檚 our people that make us a great company, and that鈥檚 why they come first. We are committed to building diverse teams with people who share our values, mission, and passion to build a better future. We believe that greater diversity leads to new ideas, innovation, creativity, and higher performing teams.

Awareness, Access & Opportunity

We believe all people have been created equal and with inherent value and worth. 鈥∣ur mission to positively influence everyone we meet inspires us to remove barriers and make a career or partnership with 黑料正能量 more accessible to everyone.


Many individuals from diverse or disadvantaged backgrounds are unaware of the fulfilling career opportunities available in the construction industry. Through partnerships with local schools and community organizations, we are working to increase the awareness of our industry and make it more interesting and accessible to everyone, regardless of their background.


黑料正能量 is an equal opportunity employer. We believe everybody should have access to a fulfilling career through hard work 鈥╝nd applying their unique skillsets towards a common mission.

One of the ways we seek to increase awareness and access is through DD WE 鈥 Women Empowerment. Our mission is to provide a platform for women to share their stories, inspire and uplift one another, and create a powerful community of leaders. At each event, attendees can network with like-minded individuals and learn from inspiring speakers. Through our collective efforts, we can build a better future for all.


We are committed to working with other businesses and organizations that promote the opportunity and success of underrepresented groups. We are committed to seeking out Minority, Women, Veteran-owned businesses, and other DBE鈥檚, in order to provide them with opportunities to join our project teams.


We are developing a culture and work experience to attract top talent who are passionate about building a better future together. 黑料正能量 is a place where everyone who works hard and shares a common purpose and values can feel like they fit in, belong, are welcomed, and have the same access and opportunities. It鈥檚 a culture where high performers can achieve their best work. We created and believe in a culture that embraces our core values and focuses on safety, innovation, leadership by influence, diversity and inclusion, merit, high challenge with high support, having fun, and celebrating wins.

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